Winter is a time for celebration, but it’s also one of the best times to pick up a bargain. Sales run almost non-stop and the Discover Samsung Winter Event continues the trend and offers the chance to save on some of its most popular devices including foldable phones, its stylish Frame TV and more.

The week-long sale starts today and there’s a different deal on offer each day from now until 26 December. Each discount runs from 12pm until 11.59am the following day.

Below, you’ll find all the details of the discounts.

Day 1: 20 December

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

Deal: $250 off, with free case and Galaxy Free Buds 2

The Z Fold 3 is an outstanding piece of engineering, and also a real productivity powerhouse. Whether it’ll be your first foldable phone or not, this deal takes $250 off the price and throws in a set of Free Buds 2 – Samsung’s great true wireless earbuds which usually cost $149.99 – and a case to protect the phone.

If you have a phone to trade in, you can get up to $900 further savings, bringing the total potential discount to an incredible $1150 off.

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Remember this deal runs from 12pm EST until 21 December at 11.59am.

Day 2: 21 December

Samsung Frame TV

Deal: Up to $700 off

Samsung’s Frame TV looks like a piece of art on your wall. When you’re not watching TV, it can display your favourite photos or artworks – all while using minimal power.

Cleverly, a single ultra-thin cable is all that’s needed to power the TV and connect all your devices, meaning there’s no mess of wires running up your wall to the TV.

And on 21 December you can save up to $700 on these fantastic-looking devices. The offer applies to all sizes from 32-85in, but bear in mind the 32in model doesn’t have a 4K resolution.

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Remember this deal runs from 12pm EST until 22 December at 11.59am

Day 3: 22 December

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 Bespoke Edition

Deal: Save $150, get free customization, a free case and Galaxy Free Buds 2

The Z Flip 3 is one of the most affordable folding phones, and the clamshell design harks back to phones from the early 2000s, which many people remember fondly.

With today’s deal, you can save $150 off the usual price and because this is the Bespoke Edition, it means you can build your own look from a variety of colours.

The Galaxy Free Buds 2 are thrown in for free, as is a case for the phone.

It’s even possible to get up to $600 of trade-in credit if you have a working phone to trade in.

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Remember this deal runs from 12pm EST until 23 December at 11.59am.

Day 4: 23 December

Samsung 8K Neo QLED TV

Deal: Save up to $3500

Forget 4K: 8K TVs have an incredible 33 million pixels and offer four times more resolution than 4K. And Samsung’s Neo QLED have the processing power to handle all that detail thanks to the Neo Quantum Processor 8K.

Of course, being a QLED panel, you can expect rich, vibrant colours and fantastic contrast. Sound isn’t forgotten either: speakers are built into all sides of the TV and put you in the middle of the action.

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Remember this deal runs from 12pm EST until 24 December at 11.59am.

Day 5: 24 December

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

Deal: $75 off, with free case and Galaxy Free Buds 2

This deal is for the standard version of Z Flip 3, as opposed to the customizable Bespoke Edition above, and gives you $75 off the regular price along with the Free Buds 2 (worth $149.99) and a free case.

You can also get trade-in credit of up to $600 if you have an eligible phone to send in.

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Remember this deal runs from 12pm EST until 25 December at 11.59am.

Day 6: 25 December

Samsung Odyssey G9 49” Gaming Monitor

Deal: $600 off

Few monitors have more of a wow factor than this curved 49in ultra-wide display. The 1000R curvature means the screen is facing you wherever you’re looking, even at the edges.

It has a resolution of 5120x1440, supports Nvidia G-Sync for ultra-smooth motion (up to 240Hz) and the QLED panel is able to show more colours than most, for ultra-realistic images.

The most amazing part, though, is that you can get $600 off, making this an absolute bargain that cannot be missed.

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Remember this deal runs from 12pm EST until 26 December at 11.59am.

Day 7: 26 December

Samsung Jet Bot Robot Vacuum With Intelligent Power Control

Deal: $100 off, plus $75 voucher

A robot vacuum cleaner will do one of your least-favorite chores while you do something less boring. The Jet Bot Robot Vacuum can clean hard floors as well as carpets and adjusts suction power accordingly.

It will map out your rooms  using LiDAR sensors and navigate efficiently while avoiding obstacles. You can even set no-go zones for areas you want it to avoid.

This deal gives you $100 off, but you’ll also get a $75 e-certificate that you can use towards other Samsung products that you could use while the Jet Bot tidies up.

Get the Jet Bot deal

Remember this deal runs from 12pm EST until 27 December at 11.59am.