Percussive massage guns, like Theragun, became an overnight success when the lockdown began last March – fuelled undoubtedly by the surge of people working out at home and a new collective focus on health and wellness.

The device, often used by athletes, offers a deep tissue massage by rapidly pounding the muscles in targeted areas. This helps relieve muscle tension and reduce soreness.

Massage guns aren't cheap. Top brands like Theragun (now rebranded to Therabody) can charge over £500 for one of its devices. Theragun did have discounts across its range over both the Black Friday and Christmas periods, with up to £149 off its massage guns –  but discounts cooled off in the New Year.

Now, however, Theragun's UK competitor RecovaPro has up to £130 off its line of massage guns until 18 January. It's a slightly smaller discount than Theragun's, but its devices are also more affordable without the discount:

For comparison, both the RecovaPro SE and Theragun's Elite offer five-speed settings and a percussive force of 60lbs, but you do get a longer battery life on the SE. Meanwhile, the RecovoPro Lite sits somewhere between the Theragun Mini and Prime, offering four speed settings and a stall force of 50lbs – whereas the Prime offers five speeds and a force of 30lbs and the Mini offers a stall force of 20lbs and three speed settings.

RecovaPro offers a 90-day money-back return policy as well as a 2-year warranty on its devices. Delivery is free and should arrive within the next working day. Head to RecovaPro to see its New Year sale now.

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