Power banks are becoming a necessity now that our lives collapse once our everyday devices run out of juice. Smartphone battery cases help our mobiles get through the day, and larger power packs can pep up a fading tablet. A battery case might offer up to 3,000mAh (an iPhone’s battery has a 1,960mAH capacity), and other portable power banks can reach over 20,000mAh for multiple re-charging. See our round up of the Best Power Banks and Best iPhone Battery Cases.

ChargeTech, maker of one of our favourite iPhone battery cases (the ThinCharge), is now launching a whopping 48,000mAh power bank and charger that it claims can charge 28 phones or two laptops. ChargeTech is thinking big, looking at the power requirements not just of phones and tablets but laptops, cameras, TVs, hoverboards, mini fridges and even drones.

ChargeTech Plug power bank

It’s not as gigantic as you’d think, measuring 22cm by 14cm, and 4cm in depth.

Simply called Plug it is being billed as the world’s most powerful battery pack.

It comes with two AC wall outlets and two fast-charge USB ports, plus a digital LED display to show remaining charge.

It uses the same Panasonic battery cells that you’d find in a Tesla car.

ChargeTech Plug solar panel

Even Plug will run out of power eventually, so it boasts a foldaway, weather-resistant solar panel accessory ($150) to recharge itself if you’re away from a power socket. With pass-through charging, you can still charge your devices while the Plug charges itself.

We have only US prices at the time, but it looks like a bargain at just US$199; buy two for $349.

Plug is currently available via crowd-funding site Indiegogo, but has already exceeded its funding target. This price is via Indiegogo only, and ChargeTech promises it will never be cheaper via Amazon.

We await news on international versions that will allow non-US power plugs to connect with Plug.