The mobile payments take-over is in full swing with key players like Apple and Google now in use around the world. Other big names in tech are also getting in on the action such as Samsung and now LG is rumoured to be cooking something up, too. Here's what we know about LG Pay including the release date rumours and specs.

Being able to pay for your shopping with a phone, smartwatch or even a tablet (awkward as it might be for the latter) can be really handy, quick, easy and more secure. It's no wonder all the tech brands are launching mobile payment services offering consumers choice and flexibility. LG Pay looks like it might bring something a bit different to the market.

LG Pay release date rumours

There's not much to go on at the moment but according to Android Authority, industry specialists are claim LG Pay is likely to be released alongside the successor to the LG V10, a smartphone which didn’t get a UK launch.

Going by the V10's release date, a successor should come along around October – although we wouldn't be surprised if it takes longer as Samsung Pay has been around for more than a year and is only available in the US and Korea.

LG Pay was previously rumoured to be announced alongside the LG G5 at MWC 2016 but that didn't happen due to partnerships with banks and card companies.

We know this is pretty vague at the moment but we can't really speculate any further and we will update this article if and when more details become available – rumours or official. Discover how to use PayPal.

LG Pay white card leak

LG Pay specs and features: What is LG Pay?

So far with the likes of Apple Pay and Android Pay we've seen mobile payment apps which use the NFC (near field communication) chip inside devices to conduct contactless payments. However, LG looks like it might be working on something quite different to its rivals.

LG is rumoured to be developing a 'more versatile technology' for mobile payments and it looks like it will revolve around a physical card rather than simply launching an app, although it's likely to come with one.

Via The Korea Herald we have some details of LG Pay and a look at what could be the LG Pay card. Known currently as the 'White Card' it appears to be a sort of one card to rule them all situation similar to Curve.

Physical buttons will allow users to cycle through the registered cards and can even be used to withdraw money from ATM cash machines. Supposedly, it uses a magnetic strip, an IC (integrated circuit) chip and OTP (one-time password) security.

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