Hoverboards are excellent fun to ride, whether you’re a child or an adult. It’s worth going for one that’s self balancing because this makes them much, much easier to get to grips with.

And that’s what the Hover-1 Horizon is: a self-balancing hoverboard. It has dual 225W motors to propel riders up to 99kg along at 7mph (or slower).

For Black Friday, Argos has knocked £110 off the usual price of £269.99, which means you can pick up the Hover-1 Horizon for £159.99. There are cheaper hoverboards available, but for the features on offer, this is still a good deal.

This Holographic edition’s lairly looks will appeal to kids, as with the fact that it has a loud speaker inside for playing tunes from a Bluetooth-capable phone or tablet.

There’s an app too, which connects via Bluetooth and allows you to choose the colour of the LED strips on the front and back. Plus, not that it’s really necessary, it will also show your current speed, trip distance and - more usefully - remaining battery power.

Recharging takes six hours, which probably means overnight for most people, and it has all the relevant safety certifications so you can rest assured that it has been properly tested.

Just note that, despite the description on Argos’ website, it isn’t possible to “Get around town in comfort and style” because it isn’t legal to ride hoverboards on the road or pavement in the UK. This restricts hoverboards to home use and private land, but if you have a largish patio or indoor space, that will be all the kids need to get hours of fun from Horizon.

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