Originally, rumours had pegged it for a January announcement, but that didn’t happen. According to DroneDJ, a couple of significant rivals - the Autel EVO II 8K ($1495) and the Skydio 2 ($999) - have taken DJI by surprise and it may have delayed releasing the Mavic 3 in order to make it more competitive.

Mavic 3 rival - Skydio 2

The Skydio 2 has impressive auto-follow capabilities, while the EVO II (above) has brilliant obstacle avoidance and can shoot 8K video. It also has a 40-minute flight time.

 Mavic 3 rival - Skydio 2

Obviously, it was only rumoured that DJI would reveal the Mavic 3 in January, not confirmed by the company, so we’ll never know if it backed out at the last minute.

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When is the DJI Mavic 3 release date?

Even if the above is correct, the current global pandemic puts even the latest rumours of a summer 2020 launch in doubt. 

The latest news is that there are no new coronavirus cases in Wuhan - the city where it was first reported. The knock-on effect of the disease has meant supply chains have been hit and this in turn means many companies have been forced to delay the launch of new products.

Bottom line: we don’t know when the Mavic 3 will be released. But it could still be this year

What new features will the Mavic 3 have? 

Before getting to the rumours, it’s worth remembering that there are two editions of the Mavic 2: the Pro and Zoom.

It’s unknown if both will get a successor in the Mavic 3 range, but the smart money is on a Mavic 3 Pro. 

Here are the rumoured upgrades:

  • Hasselblad camera shooting 4K60 (HDR)
  • ActiveTrack 3.0
  • OccuSync 3.0
  • VisionSync 3.0
  • ADS-B communication
  • 10 sensors in the visual system for better obstacle avoidance

Some of these spec - well, most of them - come from a concept by Twitter leaker @OsitaLV which was posted just a day after the Skydio 2 was announced.

The only one that’s certain is ADS-B, as DJI has already said that its new models will have this tech - the same as used by air traffic control - in 2020.

What is the Mavic 3 price?

That’s a question which simply cannot be answered yet. With no real specification leaks and rumours that DJI is re-working the new drone to beat rivals, it’s impossible to say how much it will cost.

As a general guide, we can of course use those rivals to gauge what it could cost. And that’s a starting price of between $999 and $1500. Which is likely to be the same in the UK, so £999 to £1500.

The Mavic 2 Pro costs £1349, so you can safely assume its replacement won’t be any cheaper, especially if it has significant upgrades.

As and when any new rumours come to light, we’ll update this article.