In March it came to light that a new Amazon device was on the horizon when an image popped up on Amazon servers. Thought to be a security camera, turns out it's actually the Echo Look. Also see: Amazon EchoAmazon Echo Dot and our quick guide comparing the Echo Look, Echo Show and original Echo.

What is the Echo Look?

As described in the video at the top of this page, the Echo Look is a new model in the Amazon Echo family that supports the Alexa digital assistant. A hands-free camera and style assistant, the Echo Look can ensure you are always looking at your best.

Echo Look can take full-length selfies and video at request, allowing you to show off your wardrobe to your heart's content, or for personal use quickly and easily scroll through your outfits and pick out one to wear. The depth-sensing camera has built in LED lighting and computer vision-based background blur.

A dedicated companion app lets you see yourself from every angle, while Style Check can use a combination of machine learning and advice from fashionistas to let you know which outfit looks best.

Alexa is also able to serve up style recommendations and will become smarter over time.

With Alexa built in, the Echo Look is also able to do all the things you expect from the Echo family: a built-in speaker lets you listen to the news, weather, music and more, plus use apps to control smart home devices.

When is the Echo Look release date?

The Echo Look is already available to buy online in the US direct from Amazon, but is currently available through invitation only. You can request an invitation by clicking the request invitation button on this web page.

Amazon has not revealed why it has chosen to restrict purchase to invitation only, though it's possible it's testing the waters.

Neither has it confirmed whether or not the Echo Look will make its way to the UK, and we suspect that decision will be very much based on its success in the US. We waited a full year after it launched in the US to get our hands on the original Amazon Echo, so we could see a similar deal here.

How much does the Echo Look cost?

In the US the Amazon Echo costs $199.99, meaning its $20 more expensive than the standard Echo.

If and when it makes its way to the UK, we'd expect to see the Echo Look retail for around £169.

We'll update this article when we know more.

What does Echo Look look like?

Amazon Echo Look

Amazon Echo Look

Amazon Echo Look

Amazon Echo Look

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