2021 is a big year for the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), mainly because of Disney Plus. There’s a whole bunch of new live-action TV shows planned, with Hawkeye being the next on the way. However, there’s also quite an intriguing animated show in the mix.

What If...? explores alternative possibilities of what could have happened in classic Marvel storylines. For example, what if Peggy Carter got the super-soldier serum instead of Steve Rogers?

If you want to know more about What If...?, we’ve rounded up all the information we know. You can also check out all the Marvel shows and films that are on Disney Plus right now.

When does What If...? air?

What If...? is now releasing episodes every week on Wednesdays. The show will run for ten episodes. You can read up on our thoughts on the show after viewing the first three episodes here

Watch the trailer

On the Disney Plus Investor Day, a full trailer was dropped for the series. You can watch this below:

The second trailer dropped on 8 July - watch it below:

There's also a poster, with a look at some of the characters that will appear:

Who are the cast and crew?

Whilst the show will be animated, there is a number of Marvel actors reprising their roles for this series.

Those confirmed to voice act include Michael B. Jordan, Sebastian Stan, Josh Brolin, Mark Ruffalo, Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L. Jackson, Chris Hemsworth, Haley Atwell, Chadwick Boseman, Karen Gillan, Jeremy Renner, Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas. Jeffrey Wright will also act as the narrator – also known as the Watcher.

The show is written by A.C. Bradley and is directed by Bryan Andrews. The animation has been co-developed by Marvel Studios and Squeeze, with Stephan Franck serving as head of animation.

What If...? plot

What If...? is an anthology series, so every episode will stand as its own story. The character narrating throughout will be Uatu, the Watcher, an extra-terrestrial being who plays out alternative timelines within the multiverse to see how the stories end.

So far, the following scenarios have played out:

  • What if Peggy Carter got the super-soldier serum and became Captain Britain?
  • What if Prince T'Challa was picked up by Yondu and became Star Lord, rather than Peter Quill?
  • What if Tony Stark was rescued by Killmonger? 
  • What if the World Lost Its Mightiest Heroes?
  • What if Doctor Strange lost his heart, rather than his hands?

We don’t yet have confirmation on what the other stories will be, however, there’s a rather frightening shot of a zombie Captain America facing off against Bucky Barnes. Perhaps this is a universe where Hydra reign supreme and turn Captain America into an undead super soldier?

There were also clips of other famous avengers such as Iron Man, Captain Marvel and Thor – but beyond knowing that they appear, we can’t yet guess what the plots will be about.

Will there be a What If...? season two?

There will be more than one season of What If...?. In an interview with Discussing Film, showrunner Showrunner Ashley Bradley confirmed that 30 episode ideas have been written - so if they all get used there will be room for three seasons in total. 

Brad Winderbaum also confirmed to iO9 that Captain Carter will have multiple episodes across the seasons, and will be connecting thread for the overarching narrative. 

Season 2 will also feature an episode related to the Black Widow film, according to The Direct. Therefore, we can expect stories in phase four of the MCU to get alternative tales via What If...?. 

How to watch What If...?

What If...? is a Disney Plus exclusive, which means you can only watch it on there. At the time of writing, Disney+ costs £7.99/$7.99 per month for a rolling subscription, and £79.90/$79.99 for an annual pass. You can sign up for Disney Plus here.