WandaVision was the first dedicated MCU series to feature on Disney Plus, and is arguably both the weirdest and most creative thing that Marvel has ever worked on. 

All nine episodes have now aired, but will the show be back for more? We've rounded up everything you need to know. We also have similar roundups for Loki and Hawkeye, as well as a full guide to all the Marvel content available on Disney Plus right now.

Will there be a WandaVision season two?

As far as we know, WandaVision currently has no plans to be renewed for a second season. This was confirmed by director Matt Shakman in an interview with Collider, though he did state that this "could change" depending on where the overall story arc goes. 

This doesn't mean that loose ends from the season finale won't be explored. WandaVision ties into the MCU film Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness - which Elizabeth Olsen stars in. 

If that films leaves unexplored plot threads - and there's demand for more WandaVision - we could see the show return in some capacity. 

WandaVision ending and post-credits explained

Spoilers for the first season of WandaVision below.

The final episode set up for multiple plot threads. Firstly, the manipulated and distorted version of Westview is gone - with Wanda's fake Vision and children seemingly with it. The only person still under an illusion is Agatha Harkness (AKA Agnes), who Wanda bewitched to stay as the 'nosy neighbour', and seemingly stripped her of her power. 

It makes sense that the show didn't completely kill off Agatha. In the comics, the witch is more of a mentor to Wanda - and by keeping her in Westview without her dangerous powers, Wanda could return to her for advice and information further down the line. 

White Vision has flown off the grid, and we didn't find out where he has gone. However, he now holds the memories of the old Vision, and is no longer a Terminator-esque being hellbent on destruction. This could be a way of bringing Vision back into the MCU completely, and finally giving Wanda a source of light in the grief she has had to endure.

The post-credits also gave us some big teasers. The first showed Monica Rambeau (AKA Photon) meeting with a Skrull in Westview, who said that there was someone up in space who wanted to meet her. We can only assume that this must be Nick Fury, who was teased to be up in the galaxy with Skrulls at the end of Spider-Man: Far From Home. Therefore, this is likely a tie-in for Captain Marvel 2 - a film we know that Rambeau will appear in. 

WandaVision post-credits

The second reveal showed that Wanda has retreated far away to a cabin in the wilderness - but is also studying the Darkhold (The Book of The Damned). Whilst doing so, she heard the voices of her children, Billy and Tommy. This implies that the two are somehow trapped somewhere - presumably the multiverse. Getting them back will likely be Wanda's driving force in teaming up with Doctor Strange. 

Wanda is also now wanted by the forces for controlling the town of Westview, so will have to be careful to stay off-the-grid and out of the clutches of S.W.O.R.D and the government. 

Agatha also warned that when Wanda consumed her powers that she'd made a grave error and hinted that something had been unleashed. Again, we assume that this is a tie-in to Doctor Strange 2. But what evil could be now lurking in the world?

Many fans suspected that Mephisto (the devil) was the real big bad of the show, and he never showed. Perhaps he will play a part in the upcoming horror MCU flick. The character Nightmare is also another contender. 

WandaVision season 2 trailers and posters

As a second season hasn't been confirmed, there are no trailers of posters. However, you can check out those for the first season below. 

The first full trailer for WandaVision was revealed during the 2020 Emmys:

Disney's Investor Day brought with it trailer two:

Disney unveiled the official poster for the show alongside the full trailer:

There's a teaser with some more unseen footage called 'reality':

Marvel unveiled another teaser with an original theme song by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez:

Where to watch WandaVision

WandaVision is another Disney Plus exclusive. If you’ve not yet got an account, this costs either £7.99/$7.99 per month, and £79.90/$79.99 per year.