Vodafone has brought a thoughtful new feature to its VeryMe loyalty programme that lets customers gift their rewards to others.

Starting today, customers will be able to gift selected offers to friends or family even if they aren’t on Vodafone.

The first offer available is a film streaming rental from CHILI worth £4.99. The offer expires on 19 August.

If you’re part of Vodafone VeryMe all you have to do is open the My Vodafone app, go to VeryMe rewards and then tap ‘Send Gift’ from there after claiming the offer. It’s bound to brighten someone’s day as we all love a free gift, don’t we?

You can send your lucky person the film via email, text, or WhatsApp for them to claim. It’ll be cool to see what other gifts you’re able to send as Vodafone adds more in the coming weeks.

Vodafone says VeryMe uses machine learning to better pick the deals that are likely to appeal to you personally. It seems to work, as the scheme has seen 28 million rewards claimed since it started in November 2018.