Virgin Media has announced its new TV service to better rival Sky Q. Here’s everything you need to know about Virgin TV 360 includes price, boxes and features

What is Virgin TV 360?

In a nutshell, Virgin TV 360 is a new personalised entertainment system from Virgin Media similar to Sky Q which “offers a seamless connected entertainment experience that moves with you.”

It includes things like Ultra HD streaming, a Mini box and a remote control complete with voice control. It can even handle multiple user profiles, but there’s no mention of HDR support.

We’ll explain more about the features below.

When does Virgin TV 360 launch?

It’s already available in Ireland but the UK launch for Virgin TV 360 is coming soon. Tech Advisor has been told the release date will be “by the end of the year”.

How much does Virgin TV 360 cost?

From now onwards, anyone taking a TV and broadband bundle will get Virgin TV 360 as standard.

If you’re an existing customer and you upgrade to the Ultimate Oomph package then you’ll get Virgin TV 360 later this year at no additional cost.

The Ultimate Oomph Bundle costs £79.99 per month and offers 250 channels - including all Sky Cinema, Sky Sports and BT Sport channels - two TV set top boxes, ultrafast M500 Fibre broadband, landline and an unlimited mobile SIM.

What are the Virgin TV 360 features?

So, what do you get with Virgin TV 360? Here’s an overview of the platform:

  • Ultra HD streaming around the home 
  • Mini boxes 
  • New TV remote with voice control 
  • New interface with profiles and start over 
  • Revamped TV Go app 


There is, of course, a main Virgin TV 360 box that will no doubt go in your lounge. You can record six programmes while watching a seventh. Both support up to 4K resolution (Ultra HD) and HDR.

The big news is the introduction of Mini boxes for other rooms. Great if you want to have the same TV system in the kitchen or bedroom. You can watch live TV, on demand content or recordings at up to Ultra HD (4K) quality.

Virgin TV 360 mini box

You can also take advantage of “Shared pause points across all screens also let viewers hop between rooms, from set-top box to app, without missing a moment.” says Virgin Media.

TV 360 has access to popular streaming services including Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube, BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub and All4.

Voice remote

As well as helping you navigate the interface with buttons, the new remote control for Virgin TV 360 has voice control.

Virgin says you can use your voice to search and control – thing like opening apps, pause, skip and, of course, find content. You press the mic button and speak into the remote’s microphone.

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Virgin TV 360 box and remote


As part of the new interface, TV 360 allows customers to individual profiles so you can keep track of your own pause points, favourite channels and more.

This means, like profiles on streaming services, that the system doesn’t have to try and recommend content for different people in the house in one go. And if you’re watching the same show as someone else in the house but at different times then progress won’t be conflicted.

Virgin TV 360 profiles

Virgin says it will “build a catalogue of recommendations perfectly paired to their individual preference.”


As well as the above, the TV 360 system has the ability to watch things from the start even if they’ve been on for a while. Startover allows customers to skip back to the beginning of a live show.

Virgin TV 360 interface

TV Go app

An upgrade to Virgin’s existing app means that customers can pause a show on a TV 360 box and carry on watching it on their tablet. This includes when you’re out of the house and no longer on your home Wi-Fi.

The app can also access recordings, box sets, catch up and live TV.