After 15 seasons, the fantasy-horror-drama series Supernatural finally came to a close in 2020. Now, the show has been confirmed to get a prequel about Sam and Dean Winchester’s parents, John and Mary. The spin-off is spearheaded by former Dean Winchester actor, Jensen Ackles, and his wife Danneel. 

The announcement has caused a stir among Supernatural alumni and fans alike, with Jared Padalecki, the actor who played Sam Winchester, claiming that he was not informed about the show’s conception. But what do we know about this spin-off? We've rounded up all the information so far. 

The Winchesters release date

Deadline confirmed that the Supernatural prequel was in development on 24 June 2021 but did not specify a release date, as currently it only has a script commitment.

It’s not confirmed yet whether this prequel will be picked up by networks, so we can’t confirm when – or if – it will hit screens.

Hypable reported that The Winchesters is one of five shows currently in development by Jensen and Danneel - so there could be more Supernatural spin-offs in the pipeline. 

The Winchesters cast and crew

The only casting announcement that has been made for the show so far is that Jensen Ackles will be narrating as Dean Winchester.

Ackles will also be behind-the-scenes, executively producing the series with his wife Danneel and their new company, Chaos Machine Productions. This is the first project to be confirmed for the company. The pair have said to be working with head of development, Renee Reiff.

Also acting as an executive producer is former Supernatural writer, Robbie Thompson. Thompson will also be penning the script for this series.

The original creator of Supernatural, Eric Kripke, will not be working on the series (he’s likely too busy with The Boys). However, Jensen Ackles did go to him for his blessing to push forward with the project.

Several former cast members of Supernatural have expressed interest in appearing in the show. Ruth Connell – the actress for Rowena – expressed that her character would be around when the show takes place. Danneel Ackles sent a positive response back, so we could see more from the Scottish witch.

Misha Collins, the actor who played Castiel, also joked on Twitter that his character is a time-travelling Angel and could easily make an appearance in the show.

Supernatural fans may be very surprised to hear that Jared Padalecki, AKA Sam Winchester, took to Twitter to air his grievances about the show publicly. Allegedly he was not informed about the project and was ‘gutted’ to find out over the internet.

Both Ackles and Padalecki have since hashed out their differences via a phone call, but it still remains to be seen whether Jared will have any creative involvement with the prequel. 

Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Samantha Smith played John Winchester and Mary Winchester on the show respectively. As the show is following younger versions of the characters, we assume that if these two do appear, it will only be briefly. 

The Winchesters

Supernatural did actually do a flashback episode that featured a young John and Mary, who were played by Matt Cohen and Amy Gumenick respectively. Matt Cohen has now confirmed that he is not involved, but is excited to see where the show goes. 

Plot of The Winchesters

The show will explore how John and Mary Winchester first met, fell in love and risked their lives to save both each other, and the entire world as young hunters. It will take place in 1972, according to Danneel Ackles. The entire story will be framed from the perspective of Dean Winchester, who will be narrating the story.

In a quote to Deadline, Jensen Ackles states: “I always felt like my character, Dean, would have wanted to know more about his parents’ relationship and how it came to be. So I love the thought of having him take us on this journey.”

It’s likely that we may see some younger versions of John and Mary’s friends, such as Bobby and Rufus. It may also be set up similar to Supernatural, with a different monster of the week in each episode.

We don’t know whether this will be a short, limited series or run for several seasons. If it moves forward, we’ll likely hear more.

How to watch The Winchesters

Chaos Machine Productions has an exclusive deal with Warner Bros., which means that any projects will air on a channel/streaming service owned by the company.

If it does move forward, it’s likely either to be on The CW (and syndicated on E4 in the UK), or on the Warner Bros. flagship streaming service, HBO Max.