This comes from a post from the official Star Wars Twitter feed that stated, ‘Star Wars: Visions, an Original Series of animated short films, celebrates @StarWars galaxy through the lens of the world’s best Japanese anime creators. Coming in 2021 to @DisneyPlus.’

What is the plot of Star Wars: Visions?

Again, no details are available yet on what the stories will be, but we do know that there are ten planned episodes. Presumably, each instalment will have its own individual arc and characters, allowed the anime creators to explore the Star Wars universe without the shackles of a continuing storyline.

Who are the cast and crew of Star Wars: Visions? 

As these are anime shorts, voice acting will be order of the day when it comes to the cast. So far, we’ve seen no details about who the cast might be or even which animators will be helming the projects. All Disney Plus has confirmed is that they are ‘the world’s best Japanese anime artists.’

We’ve seen other anime compendiums appear in recent years, with the Netflix’s 2019 series Love, Death & Robots gathering a wide variety of stories and settings into an excellent 18-episode run that could be a template for Star Wars: Visions.

Of course, the new series joins other animated offerings as well as live-action ones that are due to appear on Disney Plus in the near future. These include the aforementioned Star Wars: The Bad Batch, which follows a group of super-soldiers that made their debut in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, who now make their living as mercenaries that take on the assignments too dangerous or difficult for anyone else.

There’s also A Droid Story that will feature R2D2, C3PO and their new protégé, Rangers of the New Republic, plus the return of Mando (and hopefully baby Yoda) in season 3 of The Mandalorian.

Where can I watch Star Wars: Visions? 

When Star Wars: Visions arrives, it will be exclusive to Disney Plus, just as with the other entries in the new Star Wars canon. We outline all of the current offerings in our guide to Star Wars on Disney Plus UK: All the films and shows.

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