In October 2019, Sky TV made headlines for bundling Netflix with its TV package, saving customers from subscribing to Netflix separately. The bundle cost £34 per month but had an introductory offer of £25 per month when it launched. We saw that deal return in January 2021, and now it's back yet again as a part of Sky's March sales. Head to Sky to see for yourself.

Sky's sale also includes offers on Sky Cinema, now reduced to £11 per month (from £19), and £7 off Sky TV and Sky Sports, now £43 per month. 

Sky had previously shifted the base price of the Netflix bundle to £36 per month, which means you save a total of £11. The offer bundles the Sky Signature TV package, currently reduced to £21 per month (usually £30), with Netflix as an Ultimate TV Add On for £4 (usually £6), totaling to £25 per month over an 18-month term. A standard Netflix subscription costs £9.99 per month, which means Sky's offer shaves £5.99 off per month (around £72 in a year).

Here's how the cost breaks down:

Sky TV Netflix Bundle

There is also a one-off £20 installation fee for the 1TB Sky Q box. Head to Sky TV to pick up this deal now.

If you already have Netflix, you can merge both subscriptions into one and keep your existing profiles, and Netflix Premium users will be able to watch in Ultra HD across four devices. Here's how to get Netflix on Sky Q.

A Sky Signature TV subscription allows access to over 300 channels. You get Sky's propriety channels, like Sky One and Sky Atlantic, as well as US channels like MTV, Fox, Vice, Syfy, Discovery, National Geographic, Comedy Central and more. You can see the whole list of channels here.

If you want to see what Netflix has to offer – and there's loads – see our round-up of the Best TV Shows Coming to Netflix.