With the Now Sports membership you can watch the likes of Formula One, the Premier League, and the Masters. The membership features 11 Sky Sports channels, and the ability to catch up on games/events that you've missed.

The Now Sports membership usually costs £33.99 per month, meaning you can save nearly £54 if you commit to the full six months. Of course, you’re free to cancel your subscription at any time. Once the six month offer is up, the cost will revert back to the standard price.

This offer is available to brand new members, as well as Now Sports membership holders within the last 30 days of their current offer.

This deal doesn’t include the usual seven-day free trial available on other Now memberships. However, you do get a seven-day trial of Now Boost bundled in with the Sports membership, which gives you FHD streaming, surround sound support and the opportunity to use three devices for simultaneous streaming.

However, if you don’t want to be charged extra for this, be sure to cancel before the first seven days are up. Otherwise, this membership costs an extra £3 per month.

Now also offers Entertainment and Cinema memberships, which feature TV shows and films currently available on Sky – including the recently launched Justice League Snyder Cut. Both memberships offer a seven-day free trial for new members.

You can check our picks of the best TV shows and movies on Now – or see how it compares to rivals in our list of the best TV streaming services.