Long-running zombie game franchise Resident Evil has already been the subject of several live-action Hollywood movies, plus a few animated instalments.

Netflix got in on the adaptation hype train, retelling the story of mankind’s battle with the T-virus into an animated series that debuted in summer 2021. But will it be back for a second season? Here's what we know. 

Will Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness return for a second season?

We don't yet have confirmation from either Netflix or Capcom on if the series will return. However, the end of the series did leave the door open for the story to continue. 

The villain of the show was Secretary Wilson, who orchestrated a bioweapon attack on the White House, in the hope that it would cause an all-out war against China. He then hoped that his bioweapons would be used in said war, and that the public would be clamouring for a cure, which he would be the sole owner of. Consequently, he'd make tons of money from selling the vaccine. 

Whilst biological warfare between the US and China was prevented by the show's heroes, the end scene showed Secretary Wilson being handed some inoculation boosters by his associate after being infected by the virus. These were provided by non other than the big pharma company, Tricell. 

Resident Evil fans will best know Tricell from Resident Evil 5, an evil cooperation who experiment with Bio Organic Weapons to create new variants of the Progenitor virus. The leader of Tricell is Excella Gionne, an antagonist in the game. 

If Infinite Darkness were to return for a second season, it may be to explore how Tricell developed and executed its plans. Of course, this teaser could also be for a separate show that's in the works. 

resident evil

Netflix has also commissioned a live-action Resident Evil series that could debut in 2021 as well. All we know so far is that it will feature the two children of RE big-bad Alfred Wesker, after they move to New Raccoon City and realise that their father could be up to no good.

The show then runs a parallel timeline ten years later following the pair as they deal with the zombie apocalypse that the Umbrella corporation has unleashed. There’s no release date known at the moment, so this could end up continuing the Resident Evil universe in 2022 rather than competing with its stablemates this year. 

Where can I watch Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness?

As this is a Netflix show, you’ll need to be signed up to the streaming platform to watch it. This seems worth doing, as not only will you have Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness but also the new live-action Resident Evil series when that arrives. 

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