Will Queer Eye return for a season 6?

Yes! Queer Eye has been renewed for a sixth season, which will take place in Austin, the capital of the big southern state, Texas.

When will season 6 of Queer Eye air?

Based on previous seasons, there's usually a nine month gap between when production finishes filming and the show airing, which means the earliest we'll be seeing Queer Eye season 6 is 2021.

Sadly, production was brought to a halt due to the coronavirus, as revealed by Bobby Berk in an interview with The Oprah Magazine.

Berk stated, “We didn’t even get the first episode finished. The reveal had happened, our hero had seen the home. The only thing that hadn’t happened was our last scene where we get to watch what’s happened with them”.

Hopefully once the restrictions start to relax, the Fab Five will be able to continue filming. We imagine that the delay in production may impact the release date - though no predicted time had been announced anyway.

Queer Eye season 6 trailer

There's no trailer for season 6 of Queer Eye yet. However, you can find the trailer for Queer Eye season 5 below:

Where is season 5 set and what is it about?

Every season the show focuses on specific locations such as Georgia and Kansas City, and season 5 focuses on the east coast of America - Philadelphia - and the surrounding areas.

If you’re new to Queer Eye, the show is all about transforming the life of someone who most needs it, both in outward appearances as well as their mindset and approach to life in general.

Bobby Berk is in charge of interior design, usually completely redesigning someone’s home or workspace. Karamo Brown looks after culture, helping the person come to terms with any personal issues.

Tan France is the fashion guru, helping people feel good in what they wear and ensuring their clothes are right for them. Antoni Porowski is the kitchen whizz, helping create meals that are not only delicious but practical for the person's lifestyle.

Finally Jonathan Van Ness leads on hairdressing, usually giving the person that dramatic makeover that helps boost their self-confidence.

How to watch Queer Eye

Queer Eye is exclusive to Netflix, so you’ll need an account on there to watch. If you’re not yet signed up, check out how it compares to rivals in our head-to-head of the best TV streaming services.

Are there any special episodes planned?

After the ‘We’re in Japan!’ special which aired in 2019, you may be wondering if another special mini series is in the works. There’s no official rumours at the moment, and we imagine that any international filming trips won’t be happening for the foreseeable future. However, if anything changes we’ll update this article.