Availability issues plagued the Portal TV when it first launched in the UK last year, but it's once again available to buy - and with a tasty £20 discount in the Black Friday sales. This could be the ideal gift for that relative you just don't know what to buy, or even for yourself.

If ever there was a good time to buy a Portal TV it is now. In 2020 we've seen a huge surge in the use of video-calling, as restrictions on our ability to meet up with our family and friends have left few other options for keeping in touch.

Portal TV takes away the frustration of having to gather the entire family around a tiny phone or tablet screen by swapping that out for your living room TV. You can sit comfortably on the sofa, and the Portal will automatically zoom in on whoever is speaking.

The Portal also builds in Amazon Alexa support, and has a handful of apps to provide additional functionality, one of which lets you overlay fun effects as you read a child a bedtime story.

To make calls on Portal TV you must have either a WhatsApp account or a Facebook account; both are free. Having connected to your account, you can easily browse through contacts and make calls with or without video using the supplied remote or using voice control. Group calling and multiple accounts are also supported.

When not in use, it's possible to turn off the microphone, and slide a privacy cover across the camera.

Portal TV has a retail price of £149, but is currently available from Amazon for £129. Click here to buy Portal TV.

You'll find the same deal at Currys and direct from the Portal website.

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