It’s not often that butlers get the starring role in TV shows, but when that employee buttles for Thomas Wayne and his young son Bruce, there’s a bit more of a story to tell.

Pennyworth has already completed two seasons and there could be a big move ahead for the franchise. Here’s all we know so far about season three.

When is the release date for Pennyworth season 3?

There’s no set date for season three of Pennyworth at the moment.

Complicating things is the fact that various news outlets have reported that negotiations are well underway by WarnerMedia to move the show from the Epix cable network to HBO Max.

DC Comics themed shows are proving popular at the moment, with the upcoming Justice League Dark and Constantine series joining Titans, Batwoman, Harley Quinn, Gotham PD, Superman & Lois, Young Justice, Doom Patrol, Star Girl, Sweet Tooth, Supergirl, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow on various platforms.

You can also enjoy the recently completed Arrow, Gotham, and others if you need more DC Universe tales.

What is the plot of Pennyworth season 3?

The conclusion of season 2 left several things nicely poised for the new episodes. If you’ve not watched that yet, avoid reading any further as there are spoilers.

With the revelation of Thomas and Martha Wayne having a baby girl, rather than the expected boy that would be Bruce, we’re in uncharted waters regarding DC canonical storylines. What does this mean and what impact will it have on how things move forward?

Then there’s the ongoing battle with the English League and Raven’s Union, plus the emergence of Gully and his Stormcloud induced superpowers.

Will Alfie ever move to America as planned? What tricks does Salt have up his sleeves? And…a girl?

Is there a trailer for Pennyworth season 3?

At the time or writing, there's no trailer available for the next season of Pennyworth. But, if you’ve yet to start the show or want to remind yourself of what happened in the first couple of seasons, here are their trailers.

Pennyworth Season 1 trailer:

Pennyworth Season 2 trailer:

Who are the cast and crew of Pennyworth Season 3?

There has been no official announcement so far of the cast and crew for season 3, but it seems very likely that the current cast will continue in their roles.


  • Alfie Pennyworth – Jack Bannon
  • Thomas Wayne – Ben Aldridge
  • Martha Wayne - Emma Paetz
  • Wallace ‘Dave Boy’ MacDougal – Ryan Fletcher
  • Mary Pennyworth – Dorothy Atkinson
  • Bet Sykes – Paloma Faith
  • Victor Aziz – Ramon Tikaram
  • Deon ‘Bazza’ Bashford – Hainsley Lloyd Bennett
  • John Ripper – Danny Webb
  • Colonel John Salt – Edward Hogg
  • Captain Gulliver ‘Gully’ Troy – James Purefoy

We expect the bulk of the directing duties to be handed to Rob Bailey once more, with Bruno Heller preparing the scripts.

Where can I watch Pennyworth season 3?

As mentioned above, it seems likely that Pennyworth will make the transition to HBO Max for season 3. This means that those in the US can see it on HBO Max, while UK and other European viewers can probably expect to find the show making its new home on Sky or Now TV.

For more ways to access Pennyworth, read how to watch HBO Max outside the US.