Hawkeye is currently rolling out episodes now and is the fifth and final MCU Disney+ show for 2021.

With just six episodes, the series all about the sharp-shooting Avenger and his protégé will be coming to a close just before Christmas. If you want to know what show is next and when to mark your calendars, then we have everything you need to know.

In addition, the next Marvel movie on the list is Spider-Man: No Way Home. You can find out how to get tickets for the third MCU Spider-Man film here.

What is the next Marvel Disney+ show?

If the schedule stays as it currently is, the next MCU Disney+ show confirmed to air will be Ms. Marvel. This show is all about a teenage Pakistani-American polymorph named Kamala Khan. You can find out more about Ms. Marvel here.

Of course, this isn’t the only MCU Disney+ show set to air in 2022. It will also be joined by She-Hulk and Moon Knight, which leads us on to the next point.

When does the next Marvel Disney+ show air?

Ms. Marvel is currently the only 2022 MCU series to have a confirmed release date. This is Summer 2022 – likely around July or August. We’ll learn more closer to the release date.

Obviously, there is quite a big gap between the air date of Ms. Marvel and the final season of Hawkeye, so it’s entirely plausible that something else will move up to help fill out the space.

Both She-Hulk and Moon Knight are contenders, considering that they will definitely release in 2022. Another option is What If...? season 2, which may have production sped-up to hit an earlier release date.

If any of these shows get earlier release dates, we’ll update this article. In the meantime, you can check out the full schedule for Marvel Phase Four, and see a list of all the Marvel content that is on Disney+.