Netflix is vamping up its extra content offerings with the launch of Netflix Tudum, a new editorial website with news, behind-the-scenes articles, opinion pieces, listicles and videos.

The Netflix Tudum website is free to use for everyone, and syncs with your Netflix account, providing you’re signed in on your device.

The name – which refers to the chime that plays before Netflix titles – was used for a virtual fan event that aired earlier this year, with new trailers and reveals for some of the streaming giant’s biggest IPs.

The publishing effort is led by journalists who have written for some of the biggest pop culture sites, including IGN, Buzzfeed and EW, as well as national titles such as The New York Times.

One section on the website is influenced by a reader’s Netflix watch list. For example, my own top suggested articles are for The Witcher and Selling Sunset (no judgement, please). There are also areas centred around trending shows and new releases – a way to encourage readers to watch more. 

This is a place for viewers to learn more about a series or film, with explainers for very specific plot points and character deep dives. As it is all written in-house, Netflix can offer exclusive information, and release articles in tandem with new content drops on the main platform.

Netflix has already dabbled in fan-centric content, with the channels Netflix Is a Joke and Con Todo, as well as Queue, a digital magazine all about awards. Now Netflix Tudum joins Netflix Games to showcase that the company is branching out to offer more than just bingeable shows and films.

Earlier this year, Netflix also announced that it was developing N-Plus, a social platform for Netflix users where they could curate and share playlists with other users. It seems that some of the features of Tudum and N-Plus overlap, and it’s unclear now whether N-Plus is still a separate venture to Tudum, or if they’ve been merged.

If you’ve not yet signed up for Netflix, then you can do so on the website, with plans starting from £5.99/US$9.99 per month.