Netflix has announced that it will be raising its prices for the Standard and Premium plans in the US. The Basic plan will remain the same – and UK prices will be staying put for now.

The Standard plan will raise to US$13.99 per month (previously $12.99), whilst the Premium plan will be $17.99 per month (previously $15.99). The Standard plan offers HD streaming and two simultaneous streams, whilst the Premium plan offers 4K streaming and four simultaneous streams.

According to Variety, the change will come to new subscribers with immediate effect, whilst current subscribers will be gradually rolled onto the new plan over the coming months. These subscribers will receive an email 30 days before they are billed, to allow time for them to change – or cancel – their plans.

The last time Netflix US raised its prices was in the first quarter of 2019, with the Standard price jumping up by two dollars. Now with increasing competition from rivals such as Disney Plus and Amazon Prime Video, its unsurprising that Netflix is trying to stay competitive and bring in more revenue.

The free trials were dropped in both the UK and US this year, a move that also sits in line with Disney Plus, which dropped its seven-day free trial just before the release of the showstopping musical, Hamilton.

This all begs the question – will Netflix UK also raise its prices to match that of across the pond? Well, the last time the prices changed in Britain was back in May 2019, when the Standard tier moved from £7.99 to £8.99, which is around the same time that the US changed its prices before this round. Therefore, we wouldn’t be surprised to see a hike soon.

Netflix committing to keep its Basic plan the same does offer a more affordable route to streaming – however this plan includes no simultaneous streams and only offers content in Standard Definition. Considering Disney Plus prices are the same as the Netflix Basic tier in the UK (£5.99 per month) and Disney offers 4K streaming at no extra cost, competition is getting fierce.

You can sign up for Netflix over on the website – but before you do check out which Netflix plan is right for you, and how you can watch some shows and movies on Netflix for free.