Netflix has appeared to have stopped offering its 30-day free service trial to UK customers, ending a perk that has been around for years and is still available in other countries. The change was first reported by MoneySavingExpert

As with many online streaming services, Netflix offered a free trial to let you use the service in the hope that you’d love it and keep paying. The company required credit card details to use the free trial and would automatically charge you for the next month after the 30-day period.

It’s not clear why the UK has been picked to end the free trial incentive. Maybe Brits were too canny at signing up every month for the free trial with a different email address and then cancelling before the first payment.

A statement from Netflix to MoneySavingExpert simply said, "We're looking at different marketing promotions in the UK to attract new members and give them a great Netflix experience."

Maybe that really means, “this is the only way to stop people gaming the system”.

With reports abound that Netflix is working out how to stop the headache of people sharing logins with multiple people, it might be that we all have to start paying our honest way soon when it comes to streaming.