The devil is back for another season of Lucifer, split into two parts. The first half (5a) is already out - and 5b is now confirmed to be on the way. 

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In case you aren’t aware, season 5a will consist of eight episodes, and the other eight will air in season 5b. 

When will Lucifer season 5b release?

After lots of delays to filming due to coronavirus, we finally have a release date for season 5b. Lucifer will be back on Netflix on 28 May 2021 - as confirmed in the tweet below:

Lucifer season 5 trailers

There isn't yet a trailer for 5b, but you can watch the full trailer for Lucifer season 5a below:

Who will be in season 5?

There are quite a few returning cast members for season 5b, as well as some new faces. Here’s everyone that we’ve heard about so far:

  • Tom Ellis as Lucifer Morningstar
  • Lauren German as Detective Chloe Decker
  • Kevin Alejandro as Detective Dan Espinoza
  • DB Woodside as Amenadiel
  • Lesley-Ann Brandt as Mazikeen
  • Scarlett Estevez as Trixie Espinoza
  • Rachael Harris as Dr Linda Martin
  • Aimee Garcia as Ella Lopez
  • Inbar Lavi as Eve
  • Dennis Haysbert as God
  • Matthew Bohrer as Donovan Glover
  • Brianne Davis as Detective Dancer
  • Erin Cummings as Mandy
  • Chaley Rose as Destiny Page

What to expect from Lucifer season 5b

Spoilers for Lucifer season 5a below

The first half of season 5 ended on a big cliff hanger, in which God himself (played by Denis Haysbert) finally showed up on Earth. He came to interrupt Amenadiel and Lucifer, who were in a fight with Michael and demon Maze. It turns out that the father of angels wasn't too pleased with the arguing. 

Lucifer has a very complex relationship with his dad, and we're certain that season 5b will delve into all those issues head-first. 

There were other plot threads left unanswered as well. There's the issue of baby Charlie's possible immortality, and the so-called 'darkness' inside Ella. 

But it's not all doom and gloom - well be getting the long-awaited musical episode in season 5b (via Digital Spy). Stay tuned. 

Will there be another season of Lucifer?

Despite initial news saying that season 5 would be the last, Lucifer will return for a sixth and ultimately final season (so Netflix say now, anyway).

Tom Ellis and numerous co-stars have all been reported to come back for the series - but the date of this hasn’t yet been confirmed. We can say with confidence that it probably won’t be available until 2022 - but it could be even later if other show delays have a knock-on effect.

How to watch Lucifer

To watch Lucifer, you’ll need an account with Netflix, which you can sign up for on the Netflix website. Plans currently start from £5.99/$8.99 per month.

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