Ahead of CES 2021, LG has announced webOS 6.0 for its 2021 OLED, QNED Mini LED, NanoCell and UHD smart TVs. The latest software is designed to accompany the new Magic Remote from LG for 2021, a universal remote with auto-detection for the majority of devices, as well as enhanced voice recognition software.

WebOS 6.0 supports new commands and phrases for both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, designed to simplify the process of searching through broadcast channels and streaming services such as Netflix. 

The software will change the layout of LG TVs homepages to a clean grid layout, which will use an algorithm to put the most used apps at the forefront. It will also recommend shows and films based on the user’s watching habits, similar to that of what you see on the likes of Amazon Fire and Roku TV devices.

The ‘Next Picks’ feature also plays into this, which will recommend two live shows from broadcast and set-top boxes, along with one VOD (video-on-demand) title or app that is tailored to viewers’ watch tastes. 

The new Magic Remote features 'hot keys' for popular streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney Plus - those these will change depending on your region.

Viewers can also link up their smartphones (those that are NFC-enabled) to the TV and vice versa, by simply touching them to the Magic Remote. This means you’ll be able to watch content stored on your mobile device on the big screen quickly.

lg magic remote

If users wish to learn more about the programme or film they are watching, viewers use voice commands on the remote to access Magic Explorer, which can bring up facts about the actors, locations and other elements of the show they’re watching.

LG TVs also automatically recognise products appearing on select broadcast channels. If users wish to learn more about the product and potentially buy the item, they can use the Magic Remote to hover the cursor over it which will change colour if Magic Explorer has buying options or information available.

WebOS 6.0 should be available to new LG TVs in 2021 as standard, though you can check on your software and firmware of your own product on LG’s help section.

If you’d like to keep within the same ecosystem with all your technology, LG has also unveiled the new Gram range of laptops ahead of CES 2021, which come with a brand new 16:10 display.

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