Want to get one of the biggest streaming services on the cheap? Hulu is offering a huge saving for Cyber Monday - a price so low that you’ll barely even notice it going out of your bank account.

If you sign up for Hulu by Monday, you’ll get a whole year for $1.99 (around £1.54) per month. This is for ad-supported Hulu, so typically this costs $5.99 (around £4.64) per month, so across the year you’ll make a total saving of $48 (around £37.21) from the original price. Once your 12 months is up, you’ll be charged the regular price, but you can still cancel anytime.

Note that there is no discount on the ad-free version of Hulu - this is still at the full price of $11.99 (around £9.29).

Hulu is a US-exclusive streaming platform, so this saving is most beneficial for US readers. However, UK readers can still sign up for Hulu using a workaround that we discovered - with gift cards and a VPN. Find out how to do it in our article on watching Hulu outside of the US. You can also use a similar workaround for watching Disney Plus in the UK.

Some of the best shows on Hulu include The Handmaid’s Tale, Castle Rock, Veronica Mars, Atlanta and Community. If you’re not certain about whether Hulu is the right streaming service for you, then check out our comparison of the best streaming services - which compares Hulu to the likes of Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney+.

If you’re thinking about getting Disney Plus as well to watch shows like The Mandalorian - then you could try another bundle. You can get both of these streaming services and ESPN+ for $12.99 (£10.07), not a bad deal if you’re looking at all these services combined at full price. However, if you don’t mind ads (and don’t care about sports), then we recommend buying the ad-supported Cyber Monday deal for Hulu and Disney+ separately.

Check out the $1.99 per month deal from Hulu here.