When will GLOW season 4 air?

Based on the release date of season 3 (August 2019) and the later renewal of this season, originally GLOW season 4 was expected to hit Netflix in late Summer of this year. The gang started production at the beginning of the year, as confirmed by Alison Brie on Instagram.

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However, with the global pandemic delaying production on movies and shows across the board, this date is a lot more uncertain. Once filming resumes, we’ll be able to have a clearer idea on when we can expect to see GLOW back on our screens.

What will season 4 of GLOW be about?

Spoilers for GLOW season 3

Season 3 changed up the format of GLOW, seeing the wrestlers trying to make it big in Las Vegas. However, the show gradually came to an end, and the performers were going to go their own ways - but Debbie managed to secure a role as a president of a new network, and she asked Ruth to be the director of a brand new wrestling show.

Surprisingly, Ruth turned down her offer, believing that the dream was Debbie's vision, not hers. Ruth also still has a complicated relationship with former director Sam, so we wonder whether this will evolve into something more.

Meanwhile Carmen set out on the professional wrestling circuit with her brothers, whilst Bash continued to question his sexuality despite being married to Rhonda. As so many characters will be doing their own thing, season four may feel a lot less like an ensemble show, and will maybe follow different characters on their own individual journeys.

Who will be in season 4?

As you might have expected, Alison Brie and Betty Gilpin will be back as Ruth and Debbie. Otherwise we do expect to see the rest of the cast return, including Marc Maron (Sam), Britt Baron (Justine), Chris Lowell (Bash), Kate Nash (Rhonda) Sydelle Noel (Cherry) and Britney Young (Carmen).

Is season 4 the last season?

Sadly yes, this will be where GLOW finishes its story, unless the cast and crew are in for a surprise renewal.

How to watch GLOW season 4

GLOW is a Netflix exclusive, so you’ll need an account to watch it. You can check out the plans available on the Netflix website - we also have compiled a list of our favourite shows on the platform.

Netflix also includes a documentary about the real GLOW, the wrestling show that inspired the fictional TV series.