Podcasts and audio shows are currently booming around the world, and corporate giant Amazon is getting in on the action with a brand-new app with the codename Project Mic.

The news was first reported by The Verge, which describes Project Mic as a new way to reinvent live radio, providing users with the ability to distribute their own live shows. Music will be pulled from Amazon’s own catalogue. Here's what we know so far. 

When and where will Project Mic launch?

Project Mic is still in the development phase, and is currently set to focus on a US release first. However, knowing Amazon there will be a global expansion on the horizon.

No firm release date or rollout has yet been confirmed. Project Mic is also the working codename, so we'll likely hear more about the app's official title in the near future. 

What shows and content will Project Mic feature?

Project Mic will be split into four separate content areas: music, pop culture, comedy, and sports. The homepage itself will focus on live, trending and featured content (similar to Twitch), with the ability to search for shows by their name, genre or music.

Amazon is said to be looking into launching the app with a whole library of existing content, with shows featuring both celebrities and smaller creators. Axios also reported that Amazon is currently working alongside record labels to help host live events with musicians on Project Mic.

How can listeners tune in to Project Mic?

Users can listen to shows via the Project Mic app, as well as on Audible, Amazon Music, Twitch and devices with Alexa, with compatibility for voice support for listeners.

In addition, Amazon is working on optimising the app for use within cars – one of the most popular places for radio listeners. The actual technicalities of this are currently under wraps.

Whilst Project Mic will be digital, there aren't any details yet on whether content will be localised, as with FM radio stations. There are also questions surrounding interactivity with users – will listeners be able to call in, for example?

Of course, Amazon isn’t the only company to be getting in on the audio game. Spotify launched a Bluetooth device called Car Thing, with a mix of talk shows, news, entertainment and music. The Verge also reported that YouTube has hired someone to lead on a new podcasting project.

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