It’s hard to keep up with all the different things Amazon is doing and the latest is a Built It program that’s a bit like the retailer’s own version of Kickstarter or Indiegogo. Here’s how to get involved and get your hands on the first products.

Amazon said: “We'll share a few of our favorite concepts for exciting new devices that work with Alexa. For a limited time only, you can pre-order the ones you want for a chance to make them real.”

What is Amazon Build It?

This program is an extension of Day 1 Editions, Amazon’s way of offering customers early products – like the Echo Frames smart glasses - that might not be ready for the big time.

However, Built It is a better way to gauge interested in the different concepts before putting them into production. It launched on 17 February in the US.

How does Amazon Built It work?

Much like a crowdfunding campaign, each Build It product has a pre-order goal. If it hits that goal within 30 days then Amazon will make it and backers get it at the special Build It price - with the possibility of full-price orders after this depending on availability.

Only projects you back that hit the goal will result in you being charged, and that happens when the device ships. Any Build It concept that doesn’t hit the goal simply doesn’t get made.

The progress bar for each product is an easy way to see the percentage progress towards the goal. For current devices, any that reach the goal are estimated to arrive between July and September this year.

Still not got it? Maybe this short video below will help.

What Amazon Build It devices are there?

At the time of writing Amazon is kicking things off with three different Alexa-enabled smart devices:

So far, it’s the printer that is the most popular project with over 50% of the pre-order goal met. It, as the name implies, can print things like shopping lists with your voice.

Like some of the instant printers we’ve tested, it uses thermal technology so doesn’t require ink.

Amazon Built It Alexa devices

Is Amazon Build It available in the UK?

At the moment, sadly not, but we will keep an eye out to see if Amazon does expand the initiative across the pond.