It’s possible to configure Text Banner to suit your particular needs, but it’s designed for people with macular degeneration, glaucoma and retinitis pigmentosa.

Amazon Fire TV Text Banner

In the screenshot above the feature has been set to display white text on a blue background, but you can choose the colours as well as the location of the box plus the size of the text.

Text Banner is available now on all Fire TV devices and can be found by going to Settings in the main menu at the top, then Accessibility and selecting Text Banner.

Amazon Fire TV Text Banner

It works with the entire Fire TV interface, Amazon Prime Video and other apps.

The Fire TV Stick is one of the best-value streaming devices, costing only £49.99/$49.99 for the 4K version.

Marc Powell, Strategic Accessibility Lead at RNIB, said: “The accessibility of tech is changing the lives of blind and partially sighted people – giving a greater sense of freedom, increasing independence and breaking down barriers to create a more inclusive world. 

“Amazon’s move to begin making its Fire TV platform more accessible for people with vision impairment is another powerful message of inclusivity to the industry and we hope to continue seeing accessibility improve as a trend across the technology sector in the years ahead.”

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