The Spotify Kids beta launched in the UK, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Argentina, and Brazil and has 125 curated playlists to keep kids entertained. Spotify said it was working closely with Disney Music Group, KIDZ BOP and Nickelodeon “to create totally unique Spotify Kids content and experiences”.

The company also pushed the appeal of the app to its large US audience, boasting over 8,000 songs including Spanish language options, as well as culturally aware country, Christian and Motown sections.

There’s even a global playlist aimed at teaching kids good hygiene habits, particularly useful and pertinent at this time. Parents will have to bite their tongues when “Wash your Hands with Baby Shark” comes on for the fourteenth time in a row – it’s for their own safety.

Spotify Kids was created after a failed attempt to add parental controls to the main Spotify app that let children access many explicit true crime podcasts.