They say that good things come to those who wait and if you’ve been biding your time to get the best deals, you might just be in luck. There’s just a few hours left to grab a Prime Day bargain and this lightning deal is one of the last big discounts of the sale.

Right now, you can get the iRobot Roomba for £599.99 in the Amazon Prime Sale, down from £799.99. That’s a whopping £200 or 25% off its usual price.

Don’t forget that to get this, or any other, deal, on Amazon you'll need to be a Prime member. And bear in mind that deals will end at 11.55pm on 22 June and that the best deals may sell out more quickly.

However, if you’re not a Prime member, the iRobot online shop is matching the deal and you can get the same discount there.

The last time the iRobot Roomba was discounted was in January, when its price dropped to its current RRP of £799. So this is a real, and huge, discount. 

Obviously, the big feature of this robot vacuum is that it will empty itself into the accompanying dock. The dock can hold 30 loads, so even if you schedule a clean every day, you'll only need to empty the bag in the dock once a month.

This means it's handy for people with a dust sensitivity, who don't want to poke around cleaning out a bin, or getting a dust cloud in the face when emptying it.

The i7+ has sophisticated mapping software so it'll map your home and create virtual landmarks to help it navigate without getting trapped in a nest of wires or run aground on a lamp stand.

iRobot map

You can also schedule cleaning for different rooms at different times, so you can set your Roomba to vacuum the kitchen every day after breakfast, and the living room once you've gone to bed.

You can mark off areas for it to avoid by creating 'virtual walls' that'll keep it out of a room - so there's no need to pick up the Lego before vacuuming. Just seal off that room and let the Roomba clean the rest of the house. And if you want to make sure it avoids a smaller area - like the dog's bed - you can 'halo' the item and the Roomba will keep its distance.

iRobot voice commands

The i7+ will vacuum for up to 90 minutes before it has to return to its dock to recharge and it's compatible with home assistants, so you can use voice commands to control it.

Get the deal on Amazon or at iRobot. To see the best of other tech discounts, check out our round up of the best Prime Day deals available.

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