With new TVs on the way, it’s no wonder that many retailers are selling off older models with big discounts. They might not have 2021 tech but if you can’t wait or afford the latest sets a bargain can be had.

We’ve browsed the sale and LG’s models stand out with savings of up to £600 on the NanoCell 4K smart TV models. The sale ends on Tuesday so you only have a few days to snap up these deals while stocks last.

The biggest discount is on the 86NANO916NA, a huge TV if you have the space for it. It’s normally £2,999 but there’s £300 off plus you can enter ‘300TVSAVE’ at checkout to save a further £300.

A whopping discount of £600 brings this TV down to £2,399.

Not everyone has that much to spend so you can get better value on the smaller sizes, which will be more suitable for the average UK living room anyway.

You can save a total of £250 with voucher code ‘50TVSAVE’ on the 65in model taking the price from £1,099 to just £849.

A 55in model is probably the sweet spot and you can get the LG NanoCell for only £699, saving you a total of £200 with the same ‘50TVSAVE’ code. A brilliant price for a TV with these specs.

The NanoCell TVs are all 4K Ultra HD, come with LG’s webOS operating system and support various HDR standards such as Dolby Vision IQ, HDR10 and HLG along with Dolby Atmos sound.

If that wasn’t enough, you can get a free pair of LG FN4 wireless earbuds when you buy these LG TVs.