As part of an eco-drive, Samsung has announced a new remote control for its 2021 range of TVs that’s powered by solar. The Eco Remote is here.

We’ve all had that annoying moment when the remote stops working and new batteries are nowhere to be found. However, those days are gone thanks to the new Samsung Eco Remote – and it seems so darn obvious.

Perhaps the humble remote is so forgettable and part of the furniture, but Samsung’s innovation makes one wonder why this kind of change didn’t happen years ago.

Instead of using AA or AAA batteries, the Eco Remote has a solar panel on the back so you can recharge the internal cell with sunlight or artificial. Samsung says this will save a whopping 99 million batteries and you can charge quicker via USB-C if needed.

The eco-friendliness doesn’t stop there, as the remote itself is made from 28% recycled plastic.

Samsung does say the battery in the Eco Remote will be dead in approximately two years which isn’t much compared to the typical seven-year lifespan of a TV, but the effect on the environment is notable and we assume Samsung will sell them individually.

At its First Look 2021 event, Samsung also announced that Lifestyle and QLED TV packaging will get more eco, too. The box is plainer in appearance by eliminating oil-based ink. You’ll also be encouraged to upcycle the box into something useful, with instructions via a QR code.

A competition to come up with ideas saw the TV box turned into all kinds of things from a coffee table to a rocking horse.

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