If you’re looking to buy a new TV this year, then Samsung has an offer which might just tempt you to pick one of its own models.

Starting now, it's bundling what it says is over £200 worth of 'premium apps' and entertainment when you purchase a TV from its 2020/2021 range.

The scheme is called Smart Start and is available with TV models starting as low as £279. If you’re not quite ready to buy right now, then no need to worry as this offer is available until 6 January 2022.

The trials and free offers on Smart Start include:

  • Five UHD movie rentals with Rakuten TV
  • A three-month subscription to BritBox
  • Ad-free viewing or downloads via YouTube Premium
  • A four-month subscription to Tidal or HiFi for music
  • A three-month subscription to virtual exercise classes via Fiit

In order to claim the Smart Start promotion, download the Samsung Promotion app on your new TV (again, it must be part of the 2020/2021 range). Once you’re logged in to your Samsung account, the app will display unique voucher codes for all the promotions that are available to you. Click ‘get it now’ on the offer you wish to redeem.

There are loads of models included in this promotion, including QLED panels, the AU range for those on a tighter budget and the Neo QLED range, which is a brand-new Mini-LED line for this year.

You can find more options in our list of the best Samsung TVs and see how these compare to other rivals in our list of the best TVs overall. You can also find out more about Smart Start.