We've been waiting for a rumoured Galaxy Home Mini smart speaker for well over year, with the delay in its arrival previously put down to the fact Samsung wanted to convert it into a full smart home hub.

Today we're hearing that despite the fact it hasn't actually been announced, Samsung is in Korea giving it away as a free gift with the Galaxy S20. What on earth, indeed.

When is the Samsung Galaxy Home Mini release date?

Despite not being able to buy Galaxy Home Mini as a standalone product, it is available in Korea when you purchase the Galaxy S20. That doesn't sound to us as though Samsung is too desperate to launch it to the wider world any time soon.

How much will Samsung Galaxy Home Mini cost?

According to the above source, Galaxy Home Mini was supposed to launch in South Korea at 99,000 won. That's roughly £64/US$83/€75, so we're expecting a sub-£100 price.

What's new in Samsung Galaxy Home Mini?

The Galaxy Home Mini features the Bixby AI client and high-quality AKG speakers. There's a built-in mic for voice recognition, but more surprisingly an IR sensor that allows it to be remotely controlled.

We know little else about the new device aside from its model number - SM-V310 - and the fact it is a smaller version of the company's standard Galaxy Home speaker. It is available in black only.

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