The Roku Channel has been available in the US since 2017, but the UK version will feature a new slate of content, including some staples from British Telly. This includes Homes Under The Hammer, The Commander, Skins and Britain’s Best Bakery.

As for movies, big titles on launch include Get Carter, The Wicker Man and Les Miserables. Roku has partnered with Lionsgate and Sony Pictures Television for its Hollywood-based content, and plans to expand its partnerships in the future.

Like Netflix and Disney Plus, The Roku Channel features personalised recommendations based on viewing patterns, as well as a family-friendly section filled with children’s programmes including Bob the Builder, Teletubbies and Fireman Sam.

US customers can get The Roku Channel on the web, mobile and Samsung smart TVs, which also features live channels such as ABC News. This service also has the option to sign up for premium subscriptions to watch the likes of HBO, Starz and Showtime. It remains to be seen whether or not the UK version will also get the option of paid accounts.

As well as The Roku Channel, customers can also take advantage of the free Roku update rolling out across April, which includes improvements to voice control and integration with smart home devices. 

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