If sorting out your smart home security system is on your to-do list, this spring could be a good time to go for it as Ring has announced an affordable new product.

The Ring Video Doorbell Wired is a wired smart doorbell (as you probably guessed from the name) that will cost just £49. That's less than a third of the price of the Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus, and less than a quarter of the cost of the Pro, although it shares its advanced features. 

It'll be available to buy in the UK in May from Ring and Amazon.

Like Ring’s more expensive tech, the new doorbell will feature motion detection, customisable motion zones and privacy zones. It’s also Ring’s smallest doorbell, which is a big plus. Smart doorbells are generally still quite bulky bits of tech and can’t always be fitted to the door surround.

What other costs are involved?

A smart doorbell will alert you when someone is at the door and let you see and speak to them remotely, via your mobile, tablet or laptop. Many – including this device – can be installed without having to call in an electrician, although it’ll be easier if you have an existing wired doorbell you can replace. That means you’ll only have to pay for the device itself, not installation.

But bear in mind that this isn’t always the case. When we reviewed the Ring Video Doorbell Pro, we were surprised to find that professional installation was necessary, even though our reviewer had an existing wired Ring doorbell.

And, if you want to take advantage of all the features Ring has to offer, you’ll need to subscribe to the company’s service. The Protect Basic package costs £2.50 per month (£24.99 per year) and allows you to connect a single doorbell or camera. It’ll allow you to save a 30-day video history, save and share videos and capture snapshots.

A subscription will also unlock some of the camera's more advanced features, including Advanced Pre Roll. This allows you to view footage of the events that occurred in the seconds before the motion sensors were triggered.

You can also use People Only mode, so your system will only alert you to motion caused by people, and will ignore traffic, waving branches and other visual static.

You’ll also be sent Rich Notifications of alerts. This means you'll get a snapshot of what’s happening at the door so you can see if it's the postman or a neighbour right away without needing to open the app.

If you have additional Ring products, like cameras, the Protect Plus package allows you to connect an unlimited number of devices for £8 per month (£80 per year).

If you also have a Ring alarm, in addition to the Protect Basic services and multiple device support, Protect Plus will give you Cellular Backup, so you’ll still get alerts if your Wi-Fi goes offline. You’ll also have access to the Assisted Monitoring feature, which will alert an emergency contact if you’re unavailable when someone comes to your door. This means you can rest easy when you’re travelling, knowing that a neighbour or friend will be able to act on your behalf.

Ring Video Doorbell Wired

Free features

But if you don’t want to pay a subscription fee, what will you get for your £49? These are the features you’ll be able to access.

Ring Video Doorbell Wired will give you clear video and audio. It displays in (up to) 1080p HD video and has night vision, as well as two-way audio with noise cancellation.

It also features Advanced Motion Detection, which means you’ll get an alert when someone is close to your doorbell, even if they don’t use it. This will let you keep an eye on people near your home.

You can also set a target area using Customisable Motion Zones, which will allow you to avoid triggering alerts unnecessarily. Via the app, you can draw a motion zone within the camera’s field of vision. This will allow you to cut out high-traffic areas that might otherwise cause repeated, pointless alerts. It's one of the best features that later generation cameras offer and will save you a lot of time and annoyance.

You can also use Privacy Zones to block an area - like a window or a neighbour's door - from the camera's view and it'll be covered by a black rectangle in your footage.  

Altogether, it sounds like a lot of functionality for an excellent price, although we can't recommend it until we've had a chance to review it. The Ring Video Doorbell Wired will be available from May on Amazon and Ring.com.

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