Back in January Panasonic decided to only unveil one TV at CES 2021, the JZ2000 but has now revealed its full line-up of OLED and LED models for this year. However, there’s no Mini-LED to be found.

Starting with the OLED models, the JZ2000 is joined by the JZ1500, JZ100 and JZ980 and all three are available in sizes from 65- down to 48in making them Panasonic's first OLED TVs at this smaller size.

It’s the JZ1500 (above) that gets the same Master HDR OLED Professional Edition panel found in the flagship JZ2000 but all the JZ models come with Panasonic’s new HCX Pro AI processor with its Auto AI picture mode.

This will analyse what’s on the screen like sports or cinema content and automatically change various settings to give you the best viewing experience. Panasonic also promises among the lowest latency for OLED panels with the Game Mode Extreme feature along with support for AMD FreeSync Premium.

Prices for the JZ OLED range are still to be announced but the range will arrive in June.

Moving onto the LED models and the big news is that Panasonic is not using Mini-LED technology like many rivals like Samsung and LG – although nor is Sony with the latest Bravia range.

These smaller LEDs mean more can be packed in behind the LCD layer providing more control over the backlight resulting in contrast much closer to OLED panels – but without downsides like higher prices and screen burn.

Responding to a question during an online briefing Panasonic said “We consider that OLED TVs deliver the deepest blacks possible on consumer devices, whilst also offering pixel-level dimming. For this reason we choose to develop OLED TVs rather than Mini LED TVs.”

The JX940, JX850 and JX800 will be available in sizes ranging from 40- to 75in and Panasonic is pitching them namely at gamers and those who watch a lot of sport.

At the top-end, the JX940 (below) supports a 120Hz refresh rate at 4K thanks to the inclusion of HDMI 2.1 with VRR (Variable Refresh Rate). This means those with a PS5 or Xbox Series X can enjoy a smoother experience.

Panasonic JX940 LED TV

While the JX980 has the same HCX Pro AI processor as the JZ models, it will only display half the vertical resolution for [email protected] VRR. This issue will be resolved via a firmware update sometime in 2021.

JX models down the JX850 feature Panasonic’s my Home Screen 6.0 operating system along with Dolby Atmos sound and both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. The JX800 supports only Google Assistant.

2021 Panasonic TVs will also come with a new remote control modelled around a decorative bowl with rounded edges making it nicer to hold.

The JX LED models will be available starting in May. Check out our chart of the best TVs.