Nokia makes you think of phones, of course, but the brand is about to launch a new range of... affordable QLED TVs.

Yes, it seems the Finnish mobile stalwart is partnering with Streamview (no, us neither) to make a selection of TVs. This is according to flatpanelshd, which says the range will launch in Europe in sizes ranging from 43- to 70in.

They will come with Android TV like many manufacturers, including Panasonic and Philips, so provide easy built-in access to popular streaming services such as Netflix, Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video.

The site also reports that the sets will come with good specs such as HDMI 2.0 ports, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, Chromecast functionality, and a Game mode. There are also DVB-T2, S2 and C tuners as well as 8GB of storage.

Perhaps the main lure here is that the Nokia TV range uses QLED panels, rarely seen at cheap prices unless you count Samsung’s The Frame (2021) in its 32in Full HD model. However, these models are all 4K Ultra HD.

Streamview Nokia TV

While it’s an LCD panel, adding a Quantum Dot layer is added to achieve higher brightness and better contrast – hence the ‘QLED’ branding.

Since they are made under license by Streamview, the products have little to do with Nokia apart from the branding. This is a tad confusing since Nokia did actually launch some QLED TVs last year but we didn’t see them arrive in the UK.

Whether these new Streamview models are different remains to be seen but they would be a welcome addition to the budget TV market even though there are many brands to choose from such as Hisense, TCL and Toshiba.

We have our fingers crossed for a UK launch but here are the Nokia QLED TV models and European pricing. Flatpanelshd says they will launch starting this month.

  • 43in - 650 Euro
  • 50in - 750 Euro
  • 55in - 850 Euro
  • 58in - 900 Euro
  • 70in - 1600 Euro