Nixplay has just launched its latest 10 inch digital photo frame in the US. It has full touchscreen capabilities so, unlike the brand’s other Wi-Fi cloud frames, there’s no need for a remote.

According to Nixplay, this feature has been requested by users and we can see why. There’s no remote to lose, no batteries to remember to buy and it's much simpler to browse albums and change settings quickly.

However, what you gain in ease of use, you’ll lose in screen resolution. The 10 inch touchscreen is technically HD at 1280 x 800 but compared to other digital photo frames, such as Nixplay’s own 9.7 inch frame, which is 2048 x 1536 and the 10.1 inch Aura Carver, which is 1920 x 1200, its screen resolution isn’t likely to wow you. Your pictures will probably look sharper and brighter on your phone screen.

Incidentally, the 9.7in Nixplay Smart Photo Frame, which is currently in the top spot of our round-up of the best digital photo frames we've tested, is on sale until 22 August. Its usual US price is $329.99 but you can buy it for $263.99 on the US Nixplay site, saving $66. In the UK, it'll ordinarily set you back £319.99, but you can now get it for £239.99, saving you £80. 

The touchscreen will initially be available in Nixplay’s most popular colourway, matt black with gold accents and trim. Later on this year, it’ll also be available in a wood, white or silver finish.

Nixplay touchscreen

You’ll also be able to shift the frame between portrait and landscape modes, which isn’t possible on all smart frames. Plus, it can be wall mounted or stood on a surface.

Back view of the Nixplay touchscreen

Friends and family can send pictures to the frame via phone or email and like some of Nixplay's other Wi-Fi cloud frames, the touchscreen has platform integration features so you can pull pictures from Google Photos, Dropbox, Facebook and Instagram. It’s also compatible with Amazon and Google home assistants, so you can choose playlists using voice commands.

The Smart Photo Frame Touchscreen starts with 8GB of storage and you can buy it from Amazon for $209.99

We'll have more information when we review it but in the meantime, to see what we thought of other Nixplay frames and find out how they stack up against the competition, check out our round-up of the best digital photo frames we've tested.