Philips has announced a pair of new premium flagship 4K TVs at its summer launch event. The OLED+936 and OLED+986 arrive with various upgrades including a new P5 processor, brighter OLED panel and Bowers & Wilkins sound systems.

The firm will hope the new combination of features will help improve sales and take on rivals such as LG and Samsung who are also embracing the latest Mini-LED technology for TV panels.

The OLED+936 and OLED+986 make for attractive all-round packages at affordable prices, starting at £1,699. They will arrive in September and October respectively and you can read our full Philips OLED+936 review now.

It’s available starting at just 48in, an unusually small size for an 4K OLED TV, along with 55- and 65in options. Meanwhile, the 986 model is only available in 65in.

Either way, you get the latest 5th-gen P5 AI Intelligent Dual Picture Engine promising things like better sharpness, more accurate colours and improved contrast no matter what you connect or which streaming service you use.

Philips says the P5 chip uses a "unique anti-burn-in solution that uses an advanced logo detection function to monitor a grid of 32,400 zones, to very accurately detect static content and gradually reduce the intensity of its local light output and avoid burn-in," meaning less need to opt for more expensive Mini-LED rivals.

Using the LG Evo panel found in the firm’s flagship G1 OLED (2021) set, the new Philips OLED+ models offer 20% brighter viewing.

Philips also continues its partnership with Bowers & Wilkins with the legendary audio firm providing beefy sound systems that are built into the design with Tweeter-on-Top technology, meaning no need to buy an additional product like a soundbar.

Philips OLED+936 soundbar

Sound quality is improved from previous iterations with a 3.1.2 system on the 936 model that has a long list of upgrades including surrounds, cones and voice coils. There’s also Dolby Atmos surround sound support and the 986 features B&W’s proprietary Continuum cones found in the companies iconic 800 Diamond Series speakers

Both the 936 and 986 feature four-sided Ambilight and a wide range of modern TV technology including HDMI 2.1 for 120Hz refresh rate on next-gen consoles (as well as VRR, Freesync Premium & G-Sync), 100Hz Fast Motion Clarity and almost every HDR standard apart from Dolby Vision IQ.

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