Some of the biggest Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts are always for smart home products, and this year is no exception. One that might have flown under your radar so far though is that Lenovo has halved the price of its brilliant Google Assistant-powered Smart Clock.

Normally £80/$80, the Lenovo Smart Clock is half-price on both sides of the pond this weekend, so you can grab one for just £40/$40.

You can pick it up at the lower price from multiple retailers: BT, Currys (with 6 months free Spotify Premium) or AO in the UK; and B&H, Best Buy, or Rakuten in the US.

We gave the Smart Clock four stars in our review, and even at £80/$80 thought it was great value for money, so at £40/$40 it's a bit of a no-brainer. It's essentially a Google Home Mini with a small screen, giving you visual updates on the weather, your calendar, or your commute, while also doubling as a light alarm - though with no camera you can't use it for video chats. It's mostly intended for the bedside table though, so that sort of makes sense.

£40/$40 actually makes it cheaper than the rival Amazon Echo Show 5 - down to £50/$50 for the weekend - so if you're on the fence we'd recommend the Lenovo unless you're already embedded in the Alexa ecosystem. The larger Google Nest Hub is also on offer, which is probably a better choice for a kitchen or living room.

Buy the Lenovo Smart Clock from Currys or Best Buy