A new TV just in time for the second half of Euro 2020 without breaking the bank? Amazon is selling the JVC Fire TV Edition, with its smart interface built-in for less than £200 in the Prime Day 2021 sale

At this price, the smart TV is a small 32in and uses a basic HD resolution, but you can’t complain too much at just £199, saving you £50 on the RRP. You can spend a little more to get Full HD, though, with the 40- and 43in models at £249 and £275 respectively. 

That’s a saving of up to 25% on a new TV and you’ll get it delivered for free in time to watch the rest of the Euro 2020 football tournament

If you do have a little more to spend, the 4K HDR models are also in the Prime Day sale so you can get a 43in model for just £329. Sizes then jump to 50-, 55- and 65in with prices at £369, £399 and £499

Savings here of up to 23%, giving you £150 off the retail price. Sign up to Prime if you haven’t already to access the deals. 

Whichever of the six models you choose, you’ll be getting an LED TV with at least 300 nits brightness. However, the key element here is having the Amazon Fire TV software built-in, so there’s no need to spend extra on a streaming stick or box. 

You get access to all the popular streaming services including Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Disney+. And you can use Alexa to control things thanks to the included voice remote. 

We reviewed the original version of the JVC Fire TV Edition and gave it a score of 9/10 and our Tech Advisor Recommended award, making it one of the best budget TVs.

“Simple hardware design is paired with a simple, easy-to-use operating system and some surprisingly strong specs for a range of TVs that starts from just £299, leaving little reason for most people to spend much more,” we said.