Google has updated its smaller smart display for 2021 and here’s everything you need to know about the Nest Hub 2nd Gen including release date, price and specs. 

Already an excellent smart home device, the Nest Hub didn’t need updating for a while but now comes with some improvements to things like audio but the major new upgrade is Sleep Sensing – something made possible by the Soli radar found in the Pixel 4 smartphones. 

When is the Nest Hub 2 release date? 

The new Nest Hub for 2021 will be released on 30 March in countries such as US, Canada, UK, Germany, France and Australia. 

How much does the Nest Hub 2 cost? 

Coming in at £89.99 or US$99.99, the Nest Hub 2nd Gen isn’t much more than the original, which when it first arrived as the Home Hub, was £129. 

You can pre-order it from today via the Google Store and we imagine it will also be available from retailers such as John Lewis, Currys PC WorldArgos and AO

Nest Hub 2nd Gen Sunrise Alarm

What are the Nest Hub 2 specs? 

Let’s start with the headline feature, Sleep Sensing. As you can guess, this is a sleep tracking feature which means the smart display can monitor how well you sleep each night. 

It can do this without a camera or you needing to wear anything in bed as it used the Soli radar technology found in the Pixel 4 smartphones. With the Nest Hub on your bedside table angled towards where you sleep, it can monitor your movements and breathing. 

The microphones will also keep a digital ear-out for things like snoring and coughing. Furthermore, the device will track lighting conditions and temperature changes. 

Nest Hub 2nd Gen Sleep Sensing

All of this will result in a sleep report which you’ll get each morning telling you how many hours you got along with the number of disturbances. This report will link into the Google Fit app, too. 

Facts and figures are all well and good, but Google has gone further and using the data collected (with coughing and snoring only processed on device and nothing used for advertising) will make personalised recommendations for how you might be able to improve your sleep. 

If you’re coughing a lot, then it might suggest getting new bedding or if it’s too bright then it will suggest changing things to a more sleep conducive environment. 

The slight catch is that Sleep Sensing is a preview this year so it only guaranteed to be free during 2021. After that, Google will review the trial implying that the feature could be something you are charged for. 

If you’re wondering about Fitbit integration, now Google owns the firm, it’s something that the company is looking into for the future. 

Moving on from Sleep Sensing and the Soli radar also introduces Motion Sense to the new Nest Hub. This means you can use Quick Gestures to do this like pause playback or snooze an alarm without touching the screen, much like the Nest Hub Max but without the need for the camera to see your hand. 

Nest Hub 2nd Gen Quick Gestures

Taking tech from the Nest Audio, the Nest Hub 2 also promises better sound quality with 50% more bass. A third microphone should also improve voice command accuracy. 

Some future-proofing has been done with the inclusion of the Project Connected Home over IP (CHIP) working group integration for “making it even simpler to control compatible devices in your home.” 

Alongside Chalk, Charcoal and Sand, Google is also introducing a new Mist colour and we get all four in the UK for a change. With the environmental impact of making devices in mind, the Nest Hub 2nd Gen enclosure is made from 54 percent post-consumer recycled plastic and the fabric is made from recycled bottles. 

Nest Hub 2nd Gen colours

The smart display's screen remains at 7in with LCD technology but now has an edgeless glass design that’s easier to clean. Features such as Ambient EQ and Cast with apps like Netflix and Disney+ remain.

Software like Dark Mode and Sunrise Alarm are also present and already available on the original Nest Hub.