The Wiser app has recently been updated to include more features, such as a display to show your home's energy use.

Right now, Amazon is selling Drayton Wiser smart heating products with 28-36% off. In cash terms, that means savings of up to £80.

Here are the best deals available.

£80 off the Dual Zone Smart Thermostat and Hot Water Control

This dual-zone kit will give you smart control over two heating zones as well as your hot water. It's currently on sale for just £139.99, down from £219.99 - a huge saving of £80.

In the box, you'll get two smart room thermostats and one heat hub (the HubR). This smart heating system is compatible with Alexa and Google Home Assistant, so you can control your heat with voice commands. It's for conventional boilers only, and because it's dual-zone, your heating needs to be plumbed so that it can heat two zones independently, such as upstairs and downstairs.

If not, you won't get any benefit from the dual-zone kit.

£50 off the Drayton Wiser multi-zone smart thermostat

In the box, you get two smart thermostatic radiator valves (smart TRVs). You use these in place of a pair of your ordinary, dumb radiator valves to control the temperature of those radiators independently, via the app. It also includes the heat hub (the HubR) and Wiser thermostat. 

Right now the kit for conventional boilers is on sale for £144.99, down from 195.03. That's over £50 off. If you have a combi boiler, the compatible kit is also on sale for £144.99, down from £219.99, saving you £75.

29% off the Drayton Wiser Smart Thermostat Heating Control Only

This starter kit includes the HubR and a thermostat. It's available for a combi boiler and conventional boiler. The combi boiler starter kit is only £89.99, down from £121.80, saving £31.81. The conventional boiler kit is also £89.99, down from £127.49, saving you £37.50 or 29%.

You can check out all the deals by visiting the Drayton Wiser shop on Amazon.

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