In 2022, Wemo will be launching updated versions of its most popular products, which are specifically designed to be compatible with the new Matter standard for smart home gadgets. The products include the Wemo Smart Plug, the Smart Light Switch and Smart Dimmer. Belkin expects them to be available to buy in the UK this spring.

Belkin has worked with the members of the Connectivity Standards Alliance – Amazon, Apple, Samsung’s SmartThings and Google among them – to ensure that the new products will work seamlessly with other Matter-enabled devices.

Belkin launches Wemo Smart Video Doorbell & Soundform earbuds

Belkin also announced two brand new products at CES, both of which continue the brand’s tradition of Apple-compatible products.

The Wemo Smart Video Doorbell is an iPhone-friendly alternative to Ring, for Apple ecosystem users. It’s exclusively Apple HomeKit compatible and to use all the features, such as end-to-end encrypted video, you’ll need a paid Apple iCloud subscription and an Apple device to use as a hub.

The Video Doorbell has a high-res 4MP camera and a 178° field of vision. It'll use Apple’s face recognition software to identify visitors.

It will retail for $249.99, without installation included, and it’s available for pre-order now on the Belkin site in the US. A UK release has not yet been confirmed.

Belkin’s Soundform Immerse noise cancelling earbuds are both Apple and Android compatible, but there’s a bonus for Apple users as the brand has built in Apple’s Find My technology into the earbuds. A missing earbud can be located using the ‘Ping My Earbuds’ feature on the Belkin Soundform app on an iPhone.

Soundform Immerse earbuds and case

The earbuds offer eight hours of playback and a further 28 hours via the charging case, which can be topped up via Qi or a USB-C cable.

They have a tentative price of $179.99, but this will be confirmed nearer its US Spring release date – as will a UK date and launch price.

If you’re in the US, you can sign up to be notified when they become available on the Belkin website and will get 20% off when you buy. You can also opt to be notified if you’re in the UK, but as yet, there’s no discount available.

What is Matter?

Matter is a new open-source standard for smart home products, developed by the Connectivity Standards Alliance. The initiative is supported by major brands including Apple and Google. Its aim is to provide a wider, consumer-focused alternative to individual companies’ smart home eco-systems.

Matter logo

In other words, Matter-compatible products will all work together. This should give consumers more options when it comes to choosing smart home products that are right for them; should ensure that products work seamlessly together; and cut down on the number of individual apps that users need to control their devices.

You’ll be able to identify these products by looking for the Matter logo.

If you're an Echo user, you can find out what Matter compatibility means for users of Amazon smart home products