We've been seeing some excellent Fitbit and smart home bundles lately. During last month's Black Friday period, Currys bundled the Inspire HR with a Google Nest Mini while Amazon did the same with its own Echo Dot 3 (now discounted to £24.99).

While those deals have ended, you can still find Currys' more recent bundle which includes the Nest Mini with Fitbit Ace 2 for £49.99. Not to be left behind, now Argos is bundling the Google Nest Mini with the Fitbit Versa Lite smartwatch for £99.99.

This is the cheapest price we're seeing right now for the Versa Lite, and other retailers aren't even including the free Google smart speaker, which has an independent RRP of £49 (discounted to £34 at Currys and Argos). 

The Versa Lite regularly costs £149.99, and Fitbit's own Christmas Sale only slashes £20, bringing the price to £129.99. Over at Amazon, the Versa Lite will cost you £99.99, but again this doesn't include any additional freebies. Currys' price is higher than Argos too at £119, though you do get 6 months of Spotify Premium for free.

You can compare the Versa Lite's price across other UK retailers below.

Retailer Price Delivery  

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It's an excellent deal that comes at a welcome time before Christmas. Thankfully, if you're in a rush you can pay an additional £3.95 and opt for same-day delivery, just remember to order by 6pm.

The Fitbit Versa Lite, which is geared more towards fitness tracking, received 4 stars and a Tech Advisor Recommended badge in our review. Also see our round up of the best Fitibit deals on now for even more Christmas offers.