If you’re happy with it, you can choose whether you want to accept the ‘adjusted value’ if the condition isn’t what you said it was, or to have the device shipped back to you for free.

Amazon will send you a shipping label so you can send the gadget to the company for free where it will be checked over within a week.

And if the Gift Card value isn’t tempting enough, Amazon will also automatically apply a discount to your account which will come off the price when you buy a new Amazon device in the same category.

For example, if you trade in your old Fire 6 tablet, you’ll get a £10 Gift Card, plus a 20% discount off any new Fire tablet. It’s a 25% discount for Echo devices.

Amazon Trade-In Programme UK

It’s well worth checking if you can get a better price elsewhere, though. We checked Amazon’s trade-in price for an Echo Spot (currently the only smart display it accepts via the scheme) and it’ll earn you a £20 Gift Card.

Amazon Trade-In Programme UK

On ebay, though, a good-condition Spot goes for around £40-50, so although a little more hassle, even accounting for ebay and PayPal fees, you’ll still get more selling it that way, and actual cash rather than a Gift Card.

Amazon is offering the programme at least partly to meet its target of becoming net zero carbon by 2040 and to increase sustainability.

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