Amazon has released a smart clock attachment for its cheapest Alexa speaker, the wall-plug Echo Flex.

The clock unit connects to the underside of the Flex via a USB port and displays either the time or the time left when you set a timer. It will auto-rotate the display if you plug in your Flex upside down.

The accessory joins the night light and motion sensor accessories that already exist for the Flex, but you can only plug in one at a time, which is a shame.

The smart clock is the same price as the other attachments at £15 / $15, which some feel is a bit pricey given the Flex only costs £25 itself. But it's an inexpensive way to bring the Alexa assistant to any plug socket on the cheap.

Just note that Amazon also sells a version of the Echo Dot with a built-in clock. 

You can buy the Smart Clock for Echo Flex now for $15 in the US and for £15 from Amazon in the UK.